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Abnormals - All Damned (CrustCore Punk Bandung).mp3
Abnormals - Bersyukur Dan Berontak.mp3
Abnormals - Bloody Revolutions.mp3
Abnormals - Don't Fight Abnormals.mp3
Abnormals - Tuan Rampok Muka Tembok.mp3
Abnormals - Uang.mp3
Abnormals - Use Your Thing.mp3
Abnormals - The Bloody Revolutions 2.mp3
Abnormals - The System Can't Be Works.mp3
Abnormals - President Mohawks.mp3
Abnormals - Sluters.mp3
Abnormals - Soldier Unlaws.mp3
Abnormals - The Alcoholic.mp3
Abnormals - Fuck .. Fight Each Other.mp3
Abnormals - Modar Siah.mp3

anti squad

Anti Squad - Indonesiaku (Oi! Skinhead Jakarta).mp3
Anti Squad - Oi! Disini.mp3
Anti Squad - Easy Life.mp3
Anti Squad - He Just Feel.mp3
Anti Squad - The Honour And The Pride.mp3

anti system

Anti System - Anti System (CrustCore Punk Purwosari).mp3
Anti System - Approdhit Shit.mp3
Anti System - Bajingan.mp3
Anti System - Street Of Punk.mp3
Anti System - Straight To Shout.mp3
Anti System - Fuck The System.mp3
Anti System - Police Shit!!!.mp3
Anti System - Republic Chaos.mp3
Anti System - Fight For Your Life.mp3
Anti System - Riot.mp3
Anti System - Drunk.mp3

Antibiotix - Anarchy Oi! (H.C StreetPunk Gresik).mp3
Antibiotix - BirokrasiTai.mp3
Antibiotix - Don't Be Looser.mp3
Antibiotix - Fuck The Police.mp3

A Sistem Rijek - Intro Does it Fit (H.C Punk Jogjakarta).mp3
A Sistem Rijek - Right Time to Scream.mp3
A Sistem Rijek - Shake Yer Faith.mp3
A Sistem Rijek - Survive.mp3

A Thousand Punch - Back To This Days (Oldskull HC Jakarta).mp3
A Thousand Punch - Don't Wait For A Punchline.mp3
A Thousand Punch - False Competition.mp3
A Thousand Punch - For My Hometown Crew.mp3
A Thousand Punch - It's Time To Leave.mp3
A Thousand Punch - My Hardful Thanks.mp3
A Thousand Punch - You Gonna Have To Fall.mp3

Aggrothreat - Reggae got Soul (Ska Skinhead Jakarta).mp3
Aggrothreat - Sell Out Pigs.mp3

ATC - Reality.mp3

AK47 - All Boshevik Army And Their Go (CrustGrindcore Semarang).mp3
AK47 - An Ode To The Election Day.mp3
AK47 - Ballads Of Kenshin And His Sak.mp3
AK47 - Because 'strife'lie When They.mp3
AK47 - Direct Action Composed By Alon.mp3
AK47 - From Rebellion To Sweety Pop,.mp3
AK47 - Right Or Wrong For Who They B.mp3
AK47 - Slaves That Wears Brown Unifor.mp3
AK47 - Sound Of Revolution.mp3
AK47 - Start To Open Mind.mp3
AK47 - The Youth Of Outlaw.mp3
AK47 - This Is War Among You And Me.mp3
AK47 - Yang Muda Yang Melawan.mp3

Anjing Geladak - [Pro]choice (Oldskull Hardcore Semarang).mp3
Anjing Geladak - Circle to gain rise and shining.mp3
Anjing Geladak - Holy Hand Granade.mp3
Anjing Geladak - In The Ring of Identity.mp3
Anjing Geladak - Ndogh [dan berakhir pada puncak orgasme].mp3
Anjing Geladak - Semangat yang kunjung usai.mp3

Antiphaty - brother (Crustcore Punk Malang).mp3
Antiphaty - one.mp3
Antiphaty - pahlawan bertopeng.mp3
Antiphaty - palsu.mp3
Antiphaty - stres 1 n 2.mp3
Antiphaty - stupid.mp3
Antiphaty - manusia.mp3
Antiphaty - mati.mp3
Antiphaty - nyata.mp3
Antiphaty - consistent of life.mp3
Antiphaty - damai.mp3
Antiphaty - for the scene.mp3

Anti Dollar - Goverment Is Suck.mp3
Anti Dollar - Indonesiaku Gak Maju Maju.mp3

AntiSeptic - Bad Daddy Evil Mommy (Hardcore Punk Jakarta).mp3
AntiSeptic - Brisix.mp3
AntiSeptic - Fuck For False Friend.mp3
AntiSeptic - Never Ending Conflict.mp3

Alergi Kentes - Punk Not Dead.mp3
All Stupid - Sia.mp3

Atret - A Fight n Life (CrustPunk Jogja).mp3
Atret - Abolish the State.mp3
Atret - Berontak.mp3
Atret - Fight Back.mp3
Atret - Rage The Lies.mp3
Atret - Survive.mp3


Bad Monica - Dan dia.mp3
Bad monica - intro.mp3
Bad Monica - Kalah.mp3
Bad Monica - Pecundang.mp3
Bad Monica - Take It The Condoms.mp3

Balcony - Believe (Hardcore Bandung).mp3
Balcony - Brotherhood.mp3
Balcony - Flower City.mp3
Balcony - Go Home.mp3
Balcony - Injustice.mp3
Balcony - Klepto.mp3
Balcony - Modern World.mp3
Balcony - Society In Suffering.mp3
Balcony - Speak Out.mp3
Balcony - Urban Ghettos.mp3
Balcony - Useless.mp3
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Balcony - Bebas Bicara.mp3
Balcony - From The Urban Ghettos.MP3
Balcony - Kuya Ngora (Turtles Jr Cover).mp3
Balcony - Rangkaian Mimpi.mp3
Balcony - Impair.mp3
Balcony ft Homicide - Politics.mp3
Balcony ft Homicide - They School.mp3

Bambu Runcing - Aku.mp3
Bambu Runcing - Angry Youth.mp3
Bambu Runcing - Homeland 'N' The Nation.mp3
Bambu Runcing - Priangan Bootbois.mp3

Bandung Burning - Agent Skins - Time for Skins.mp3
Bandung Burning - Anti Klimaks - Prokills Say.mp3
Bandung Burning - Black T-Shirt - Masa Bodoh.mp3
Bandung Burning - Chaotic Squad - Opininion of Disinfect.mp3
Bandung Burning - Gerilyawan - (Ihate) No Remorse.mp3
Bandung Burning - Jeruji - No Really Competition.mp3
Bandung Burning - Keparat - Police Shit.mp3
Bandung Burning - Rotten to The Core - Blind Story.mp3
Bandung Burning - Runtah - Poseurs.mp3
Bandung Burning - Sendal Jepit - Watcharound.mp3
Bandung Burning - Sunda Chaos - No Escape.mp3
Bandung Burning - The Bollocks - Stupid War.mp3
Bandung Burning - The Clown - Police Brutality.mp3
Bandung Burning - Tiang Listrik - We Love Rock 'n' Roll.mp3
Bandung Burning - Total Riot - Againts The Law.mp3
Bandung Burning - Turtles Jr - Diet to Fuck.mp3
Bandung Burning - VOOS - Political Machine.mp3

Bandung Punks - All Stupid - For God Sake.mp3
Bandung Punks - Balcony - Lemah Nyata2.mp3
Bandung Punks - CoolCase - Evil.mp3
Bandung Punks - Epidemic - Epidemic.mp3
Bandung Punks - Grogi - Deform.mp3
Bandung Punks - Ignorance - Struggle Into Unity.mp3
Bandung Punks - Injected - Live In The Foam.mp3
Bandung Punks - No Complain - Straigthen Up.mp3
Bandung Punks - O.O.S - Encourage.mp3
Bandung Punks - Piece Of Cake - Seperti Aku.mp3
Bandung Punks - PIN - Its Not Me.mp3
Bandung Punks - Savor Of Filth - Your Choice.mp3
Bandung Punks - Second Face - We Don't Need.mp3
Bandung Punks - Soldier Fight - Just Tell Me.mp3
Bandung Punks - Still Reject - Hasta la Victoria Siempre.mp3
Bandung Punks - Take A Stand - What The Best.mp3

Bandung Crust - ANTI GOREST - Pengkhianat anjing.mp3
Bandung Crust - ANTI MODAR - Anti modar.mp3
Bandung Crust - ANTI STATUS - Anjing Berdasi.mp3
Bandung Crust - ANTI STATUS - Mabok.mp3
Bandung Crust - BABIBUTA - War.mp3
Bandung Crust - BACK TO CHAOS.mp3
Bandung Crust - CHAOS DEVIL - Republik gila.mp3
Bandung Crust - CHAOS SANXSANX - Chaos Sanxsanx.mp3
Bandung Crust - DETERJEN - Babi Berdasi.mp3
Bandung Crust - DISASTER - Sia Fuck You.mp3
Bandung Crust - BEJAD MORAL - Facist Bersenjata.mp3
Bandung Crust - CHAOS CACI - Jole.mp3

Battle 98 - Battle 98 (Oi! Skinhead Bandung).mp3
Battle 98 - Bersenang senang.mp3
Battle 98 - Fuck Politic.mp3
Battle 98 - Hentikan.mp3
Battle 98 - Senjata.mp3
Battle 98 - Skin n Punk.mp3
Battle 98 - Tetap Semangat.mp3

Bitter Ballen - Life (Melodic Punk Jakarta).mp3
Bitter Ballen - Never Give Up.mp3
Bitter Ballen - Pesta.mp3
Bitter Ballen - Telenovela.mp3
Bitter Ballen - Timeless Rawk.mp3


Begundal Lowokwaru - And the Bottle For All (StreetDrunk Punk Malang).mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Ayo Minum Bersama StreetPunk.mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Begundal Lowokwaru.mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Cewek Skinhead.MP3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Dancefloor Hangover(Akustik).mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - EQuality.MP3
Begundal Lowokwaru - From the Patches to the Pins(akustik).mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Fuckin Never Die.MP3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Indonesia Front.MP3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Kami Bukan Sampah.mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Minum Di Jalan.mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Oi Oi Drinking Together.MP3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Peringatan.mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Reuni Akbar Para Peminum.mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Selamat Menikah Teman (akustik).mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Seplok Endasmu.MP3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Together In Love.MP3
Begundal Lowokwaru - We're Coming Back Again To You.mp3
Begundal Lowokwaru - Working On The Street.MP3

Black Boots

Black Boots - Anarki (H.C StreetPunk Jogjakarta).mp3
Black Boots - Evil Future.mp3
Black Boots - Industri Pabrik.mp3
Black Boots - Polisi Polisi.mp3
Black Boots - Reaksioner Modar.mp3
Black Boots - Sama Saja.mp3
Black Boots - Yang Fasis.mp3

Blind To See

Blind To See - Air,Udara,Tanah (OldSkull H.C Bandung).mp3
Blind To See - Bersatu !!!.mp3
Blind To See - Better Day To Come.MP3
Blind To See - Free Chain.MP3
Blind To See - Friends Of Friendship.MP3
Blind To See - Hijau Damai.mp3
Blind To See - In Your Eyes.mp3
Blind To See - Live On The Street.MP3
Blind To See - Lovely Today.MP3
Blind To See - Make A Change.MP3
Blind To See - Me,You,My Self.MP3
Blind To See - Sadar.mp3
Blind To See - Spirit Of Youth.mp3
Blind To See - Straight Edge Pride.mp3
Blind To See - Today Until I Die..mp3
Blind To See - What Will Remains.mp3
Blind To See - X On Your Hand.mp3

Born in June - Sex Poem (Punk Rock Jakarta).mp3
Born in June - Stolen Shoes.mp3


BRAINFOOL - Distorsi Sistem (HC PUNK MAKASSAR).mp3
BRAINFOOL - Pestapora.mp3
BRAINFOOL - Puncak Amarah.mp3

Brigade Of Bridge - Cause We Are (StreetPunk Jakarta).mp3
Brigade Of Bridge - StreetPunk Tonight.mp3
Brigade Of Bridge - You Know Who You Are.mp3

Brigade 07 - All From Behind (Melodic PopPunk Malang).mp3
Brigade 07 - Bertahan.mp3
Brigade 07 - Cosmic Jinggle.mp3
Brigade 07 - Fresh.mp3
Brigade 07 - Sweet Of Curse.mp3
Brigade 07 - Teringat.mp3
Brigade 07 - That's okay.mp3
Brigade 07 - My halfside heart.mp3
Brigade 07 - Lelah.mp3

Buckskin Bugle

Buckskin Bugle - B is for BuckskinBugle(Melodic Bandung).MP3
Buckskin Bugle - Cover Ver.MP3
Buckskin Bugle - Crazy Lazy.MP3
Buckskin Bugle - Dengan Kerasnya.mp3
Buckskin Bugle - Feel It!.mp3
Buckskin Bugle - How Punk.MP3
Buckskin Bugle - Just Be Fun.MP3
Buckskin Bugle - Satu Anthem.MP3
Buckskin Bugle - Sebait Kata.MP3
Buckskin Bugle - Stand Free.MP3
Buckskin Bugle - Useless.MP3

Black Elvis - Lawan (H.C Punk Makassar).mp3


Chaos R.I - Capitalist Bastard.mp3
Chaos R.I - More Than Hope.mp3
Chaos R.I - Welcome To Destruction.mp3

Close Head - Aduh...!! (Melodic Punk Bandung).mp3
Close Head - Berdiri Teman.mp3
Close Head - Broken Heart.mp3
Close Head - Eat My Holiday.mp3
Close Head - Heart Of Pop.mp3
Close Head - It's All About Life.mp3
Close Head - Keep On Smile.mp3
Close Head - Mati Rasa.mp3
Close Head - Menjelang Hilang.mp3
Close Head - Midi Selamat Jalan.mp3
Close Head - Percayalah.mp3
Close Head - Reflection.mp3
Close Head - Shit.mp3
Close Head - Souvenir (Acoustic Version).mp3
Close Head - Menunggu Bintang Terang.mp3
Close Head - Your Answer Is My Remedy.mp3
Close Head - Love Kill Twices New.mp3
Close Head - Masa Lalu.mp3
Close Head - Kekasih Sejatiku Adalah Kesunyian.mp3
Close Head - Kisah Sedih.mp3
Close Head - Donna.mp3
Close Head - Kedamaian (unrelesed).mp3

Crust Indo-01-Turtles Jr-War is hell.mp3
Crust Indo-02-Kontrasosial-Manifesto.mp3
Crust Indo-03-Hellbombs-Tirani.mp3
Crust Indo-04-Assusila-War.mp3
Crust Indo-05-Antiphaty-In my hell.mp3
Crust Indo-06-Extreme Decay-We are not the center of world.mp3
Crust Indo-07-Projekbabi-Anarchy--peace.mp3
Crust Indo-08-Terror of Dynamite Attack-Chaos unmastered.mp3
Crust Indo-09-Kroia-Keadaan.mp3
Crust Indo-10-Keras Kepala-Pray for war.mp3
Crust Indo-11-Errorbrain-Vival la ganja.mp3
Crust Indo-12-Discontrack-System.mp3
Crust Indo-13-Jeruji-Lawan.mp3
Crust Indo-14-Krasskepala-Total destruction.mp3
Crust Indo-15-Tcukimay-Support drunk people.mp3
Crust Indo-16-Krisisidentitas-Basa basi busuk.mp3
Crust Indo-17-SalahxKaprah-Intro.mp3
Crust Indo-18-The End32-Life or death.mp3
Crust Indo-19-Gladiator-Struggle anthem.mp3
Crust Indo-20-Runtah-State violence state control (Discharge).mp3
Crust Indo-21-Sub Chaos-Berontak.mp3
Crust Indo-22-Kuriak-Triple s.mp3
Crust Indo-23-Satellite-Haruskah kita.mp3
Crust Indo-24-Bombardir-Take back control of your life.mp3
Crust Indo-25-FirstBlood-war system (Shit Likers cover).mp3
Crust Indo-26-Bulletproof-Corruptor.mp3
Crust Indo-27-Black Boots-Militeristik kapitalistik.mp3
Crust Indo-28-Reckless-Not pay and run.mp3
Crust Indo-30-Sistem Rijek-Absolute country of violence.mp3
Crust Indo-31-Venomstrikes-Semangat.mp3
Crust Indo-32-Dis-Disan.ny (wellcome Mr.Dinosaur)-Nuclear holocaust.mp3
Crust Indo-33-Disform-Protest and survive (Discharge).mp3
Crust Indo-34-The Subdicks-Eat your shit.mp3
Crust Indo-35-Chronic Disease-Raise the old pain.mp3
Crust Indo-36-AfterSunDown-Namslag nembah lagi.mp3
Crust Indo-37-Total Anarchy-Sampah kimia.mp3
Crust Indo-38-Screwface-Birokrasi administrasi.mp3
Crust Indo-39-Noisetorner-t.y.m..mp3
Crust Indo-40-Zudas Krust-Perang agama.mp3

Compatriot - Oi to Punk and Skin.mp3
Crd 48 DC - Kuingin kau tahu.mp3


Das capital - Bebas (Punk Rock Semarang).mp3
Das capital - Berdikari.mp3
Das capital - Don't Trust.mp3
Das capital - Pelacur Munafik.mp3
Das capital - Teenager Songs.mp3

Dead Maya - Faceless Martyr.mp3
Dead Maya - Bitch.mp3
Dead Maya - Self Destruction.mp3
Dead Maya - My Karma.mp3

DeadXAlley - Akal Sehat (Hardcore Semarang).mp3
DeadXAlley - Bubar!.mp3
DeadXAlley - Kata Adalah Senjata.mp3
DeadXAlley - Look At My Eyes!!!.mp3
DeadXAlley - Mari Membajak.mp3
DeadXAlley - No Domination.mp3
DeadXAlley - Pengkhianatan adalah....mp3
DeadXAlley - Semangat Tak Pernah Mati.mp3
DeadXAlley - This Time.mp3
DeadXAlley - Untied.mp3

Decay - Berdiri Di Antara Dua Pilihan (CrustPunk Bandung).mp3
Decay - Cepat Atau Lambat.mp3
Decay - Doktrin.mp3
Decay - Lawan Semua.mp3
Decay - Revolusi Die Primer.mp3
Decay - Seperti anjing.mp3
Decay - Sistem Dan Upah Buruh.mp3
Decay - Mental Masturbasi v2.mp3


Democrazy - I'm Lucky Than You (Oldschool H.C Jakarta).mp3
Democrazy - It's My Entrance.mp3
Democrazy - Not A Couple Of Love.mp3
Democrazy - Perbedaan.mp3
Democrazy - Positive Life.mp3
Democrazy - They Call Me Girl !.mp3

Devil Dice

Devil Dice - Chiilhood (-JrX S.I.D- Rockabilly Punk Bali).mp3
Devil Dice - Dont Shine On Me.mp3
Devil Dice - Down to Zero.mp3
Devil Dice - In The Arms Of The Angel.mp3
Devil Dice - Kings, Queens And Poisons.mp3
Devil Dice - Liar Of The Year.mp3
Devil Dice - Never a Saint.mp3
Devil Dice - Rock n Roll City.mp3
Devil Dice - Sunset and Butterfly.mp3
Devil Dice - This Evil Town.mp3

Dewan Jendral - Born Free (StreetPunk Jogja).wma
Dewan Jendral - Fucktopia.MP3
Dewan Jendral - How Are You Today.MP3
Dewan Jendral - Long Cold nite inside the fence.wma
Dewan Jendral - New downtown.wma
Dewan Jendral - Police On The Street.MP3
Dewan Jendral - Singalong And Pogo.MP3
Dewan Jendral - Soldier Boy.MP3
Dewan Jendral - Streetpunk,DrunkPunk&Skinhead.MP3
Dewan Jendral - We`re Not Affraid.MP3

Dirty Dolls

Dirty Dolls - Girl and Alcohol (Bandung Ska Punk).mp3
Dirty Dolls - Menanti Malam.mp3
Dirty Dolls - Simon Song.mp3
Dirty Dolls - Singa Jengke.mp3
Dirty Dolls Feat Sonic Squad - Bidadari.mp3

Discount - Anjing Perang (HC StreetPunk Bandung).mp3
Discount - Demokrasi Semu.mp3
Discount - Penguasa.mp3
Discount - Politikus.mp3
Discount - Whisky atau Mati.mp3

Disconnected - California (Melodic Punk Bandung).mp3
Disconnected - Cell Phone.mp3
Disconnected - Demos Cratos.mp3
Disconnected - Endless.mp3
Disconnected - Jerussalem.mp3
Disconnected - Later on Summer.mp3
Disconnected - Leuv.mp3
Disconnected - Marion.mp3
Disconnected - Masa Depan.mp3
Disconnected - My Girls.mp3
Disconnected - Never Going Down.mp3
Disconnected - Pocket Full Of Dream.mp3
Disconnected - Serigala Manusia.mp3
Disconnected - Tuesday Night.mp3
Disconnected - What Is Worth If I Found Out You're Gone.mp3
Disconnected - With You.mp3

Dom 65 - Bullshitpam (PunkRock Oi! Jogjakarta).mp3
Dom 65 - Fortuna.mp3
Dom 65 - Me And The Kids.mp3
Dom 65 - Never Rust.mp3
Dom 65 - No need A Reason To Hide.mp3
Dom 65 - Out Of The Count.mp3
Dom 65 - Revenge.mp3
Dom 65 - Run Fast For Life.mp3
Dom 65 - Shine On You Crazy Diamonds.mp3
Dom 65 - Society Oppressed.mp3
Dom 65 - Stone War.mp3
Dom 65 - Streetpunks #2.mp3
Dom 65 - Up Fuckin Yours.mp3

Don Lego

Don Lego - 4 Kumbang 1 Kembang (Bandung Ska Punk).mp3
Don Lego - Berdansa (Bandung Ska Punk).mp3


FaMi THE HOTDOGS - Kompetisi Konsumsi .mp3
FaMi THE HOTDOGS - Membusuklah Bersamaku.mp3
FaMI THE HOTDOGS - Sundala,Kabulamma',TaiLaso (Sex PUNK Tribute).mp3
Fatherland - Are U Perfect.mp3
Fatherland - Mengapa !!.mp3

Fastcrash - Dream (everyday) (Melodic Punk Jakarta).MP3
Fastcrash - F.a.s.t.c.r.a.s.h.MP3
Fastcrash - I want you.MP3
Fastcrash - Piss on this!!.MP3
Fastcrash - so far away.MP3
Fastcrash - sunshine, sunshine me down.MP3
Fastcrash - Sick of being useless.MP3

Fight Alone Today - Burn Your Soul (Hardcore Jogja).mp3
Fight Alone Today - Existence.mp3
Fight Alone Today - Fight For Freedom.mp3
Fight Alone Today - Intro.mp3
Fight Alone Today - Take It Back [againts!].mp3

Fingerprint - Amarah (Hardcore Medan).mp3
Fingerprint - Jiwa Yang Hilang.mp3
Fingerprint - Lawan Musuhmu.mp3
Fingerprint - We Are The Last.mp3

Final Attack

Final Attack - Breakaway (Hardcore Jakarta).mp3
Final Attack - Carry the weight.mp3
Final Attack - Empty Space.mp3
Final Attack - Family values.mp3
Final Attack - Intro - Nothing left to mourn.mp3
Final Attack - Legitimate threat.mp3
Final Attack - New hope.mp3
Final Attack - No regrets.mp3
Final Attack - Serpents.mp3
Final Attack - The last two years.mp3
Final Attack - The length Of Time.mp3
Final Attack - Weak people Cannot Be sincere.mp3
Final Attack - Weapons.mp3
Final Attack - Working Trash.mp3

First Time - Anything Can Listens (Oldskull H.C Jogja).mp3
First Time - Emosi Menyala.mp3
First Time - Proof Yourself.mp3
First Time - You've Changed.mp3

Fisticuff 86 - Happy Family.mp3
Fisticuff 86 - Jalanan.mp3
Fisticuff 86 - Joke's about you.mp3
Fisticuff 86 - Kolesom.mp3

Foodcourt - Bandung Underground (Melodic Punk Bandung).mp3
Foodcourt - Jangan Bilang.mp3
Foodcourt - Waktuku Belum Terlambat.mp3

Foxy Roxy - Do You Really Care (Melodic Punk Semarang).mp3
Foxy Roxy - Go Away.mp3
Foxy Roxy - msp.mp3
Foxy Roxy - Now.mp3
Foxy Roxy - Somehow.mp3
Foxy Roxy - Story of A Girl (she).mp3
Foxy Roxy - Worst.mp3
Foxy Roxy - You n Me.mp3
Foxy Roxy - Yourself.mp3


G-Squad - Booze and Sing (Oi! Skinhead Semarang).mp3
G-Squad - Fight.mp3
G-Squad - Love story.mp3
G-Squad - Much Drunk and More Stronger.mp3
G-Squad - My honey.mp3
G-Squad - United Semarang Hooligan.mp3


GAMELANOiNk - 40 Years of Useless (H.C StreetPunk Bekasi).mp3
GAMELANOiNk - An Answer Found it Self.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Blind Alley Circle.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Bored TV Soaps.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Dead Set Bueracrashit.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Dumb Grumbler.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Patriot City Punk Rock.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Prestige.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Strive and Survive.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Stubborn Boy.mp3
GAMELANOiNK - Tacky Lazy Bastard.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Watch Your Round.mp3
GAMELANOiNk - Whos to Blame.mp3

Gerap Gurita - Asa 99 (Oi! Skinhead Jogjakarta).mp3
Gerap Gurita - Bersama Lagi.mp3
Gerap Gurita - Deddy Skinhead Kawanku.mp3
Gerap Gurita - Garda Suling [intro].mp3
Gerap Gurita - JOi!gjakarta.mp3
Gerap Gurita - Menang Tanpa Tikaman.mp3

GHETTO BOX - BLIND PROPAGANDA (Crust Core Makassar).mp3

Gladiator - Dewan Dewan Kotor.mp3
Gladiator - Fight With Pride.mp3
Gladiator - Perang.mp3
Gladiator - Ian Kasela.mp3
Gladiator - Struggle Anthem.mp3

Guantanamo - Anti Poser (Hardcore Surabaya).mp3
Guantanamo - Escape for Play.mp3
Guantanamo - Pembunuh.mp3
Guantanamo - Proud to be minority.mp3


hair cuts

HAIRCUTS - Akal Busuk (Oi! Skinhead Bandung).mp3
HAIRCUTS - Bertarung.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Big Mouth.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Justice.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Keras Kepala.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Merdeka.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Never Give Up.mp3
HAIRCUTS - No More Racist.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Penjilat.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Sambut Hari Esok.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Skin And Punk.mp3
HAIRCUTS - Unite.mp3

Hardcore Strike Back

Hardcore Strikes Back - My True (Hardcore Bandung).mp3
Hardcore Strikes Back - Never Give Up.mp3
Hardcore Strikes Back - Super Groove Power Chord.mp3
Hardcore Strikes Back - To The Straight.mp3

HateAHaters - Isolated Insident.mp3
HateAHaters - Outrageous.mp3
HateAHaters - Overkill.mp3

Hell Anthem - Antiphaty - Stupid.MP3
Hell Anthem - Begundal Lowokwaru - Rukun Punk.mp3
Hell Anthem - Extreme Decay - Amoral.mp3
Hell Anthem - No Man's Land - You and me.wma
Hell Anthem - Primitive Chimpanzee - Awas, Tiarap!.mp3
Hell Anthem - Screaming Factor - End Of Beginning.mp3
Hell Anthem - Skatoopid - Sk8 Go To Hell.mp3
Hell Anthem - Spiky In Venus - How Really.mp3
Hell Anthem - Today Is Struggle - Stand again.mp3

Hitam Pekat

Hitam Pekat - Depresi Waktu (HardCore Makassar).mp3
Hitam Pekat - Lagu 2 Plus Botol.mp3
Hitam Pekat - Mentah.mp3
Hitam Pekat - Satu Titik Terlemah.mp3

Hitcock - Boots On Yer Face (Oi! Skinhead Bandung).mp3
Hitcock - Hentikan Kekerasan Bersenjata.mp3
Hitcock - Negeri Kita.mp3
Hitcock - Tanah Rencong.mp3

Homer - 1.000.000 Muntah Amarah (HardCore Makassar).MP3
Homer - Cameo (The Hendriks Cover).mp3
Homer - Claim Hypocrite.mp3
Homer - Conventional Dogma's Attack.mp3
Homer - Espionage of Death Agent.mp3
Homer - Gun Is The Cause Of Massacre Anytime.MP3
Homer - Hard Drunken President.mp3
Homer - New Brand Hardcore Invasion.MP3
Homer - Repollution.mp3
Homer - Serapah Merah Merona.MP3
Homer - Trend Fashion Kecantikan Masa Kini.mp3

HolyShit - Keep fighting (Oldskull H.C Malang).mp3
HolyShit - Tak ada beda.mp3
HolyShit - Thanks all.mp3
HolyShit - We are.mp3


INASUBS - Punks United.mp3
INASUBS - Street Army.mp3

Injected - Alcoholic (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Injected - CBGB.mp3
Injected - Cokelat Bangsat.mp3
Injected - Ibu Tiri.mp3
Injected - Kecoa.mp3
Injected - Life In The Foam.MP3
Injected - On Of All.mp3
Injected - Skateboard Is Not Crime.mp3
Injected - Trouble In Idiot Life.mp3



Jeruji - Ambisi (FeatTataloe Percusion).mp3
Jeruji - Ambisi Mati.mp3
Jeruji - Anjing Koruptor (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Arogan.mp3
Jeruji - Broken.mp3
Jeruji - Brother Fucker.mp3
Jeruji - Burn.mp3
Jeruji - Dimana Anakku.mp3
Jeruji - Do The Fight (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Drunk With Power (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Freedom (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Fuck Me Up (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Fuck Off Police (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Hampa.mp3
Jeruji - Here Come The Warriors (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Hidup Persib.mp3
Jeruji - Jeruji’s Theme Song.mp3
Jeruji - Kill The Light (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Kuasa (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Lawan (Video Version).mp3
Jeruji - Louie-Louie.mp3
Jeruji - Love Rock N' Roll.mp3
Jeruji - Marah.mp3
Jeruji - Motor Breath (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - No Really Competition (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - One True Blood.mp3
Jeruji - Pajeksan (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Pianjingeun (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Racing Guns (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Jeruji - Semua Pasti Mati.mp3
Jeruji - Urban Chaos.mp3
Jeruji - Warning.mp3

Jet Coaster - Bangun Pagi.mp3
Jet Coaster - Bosan.mp3
Jet Coaster - Damai.mp3
Jet Coaster - Gak Modal.mp3
Jet Coaster - Masa Lalu.mp3
Jet Coaster - Menunggu.mp3
Jet Coaster - Pesta.mp3
Jet Coaster - Sendiri.mp3
Jet Coaster - Tanase.mp3

Jinah Tangan - Fucking Goverment (H.C StreetPunk Bandung).mp3javascript:void(0)
Jinah Tangan - Politikus Anjing.mp3
Jinah Tangan - You Bastard.mp3

Jun Fang Gung Foo - Astaga (Ska Punk Jakarta).mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Bicara Lantang.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Bocah Pantai.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Break It Down.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Bruce Lee.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Bukan Sugesti.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Dilema Problem.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Hei Segalanya Kan Terjadi.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Ingin Lepas.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Jalan Yang Pasti.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Keluh.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Pesta.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Rockin Da Houze.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Salah Siapa.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Semua Berantakan.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Senyum itu.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Silly Dumb Head.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Skuter Lambretta.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Sudah Bosan.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - The Famous One.mp3
Jun Fang Gung Foo - Vertikal.mp3

Junkfood For Superhero - Extra Sauce For Dork Sucks! (PunkRock Jakarta).mp3
Junkfood For Superhero - Heal the World (Michael Jackson Cover).mp3
Junkfood For Superhero - Teruslah Berjuang.mp3
Junkfood For Superhero - Making Stories.mp3
Junkfood For Superhero - Mr. President Anthem.mp3
Junkfood For Superhero - When We're Falling Down.mp3


kaos kutang

KAOS kutang - Break The System (Samarinda Punk Rock).mp3
KAOS kutang - Fuck The Jews.mp3
KAOS kutang - Fuck Those Police.mp3
KAOS Kutang - Good Friends Don't Cheat.mp3
KAOS kutang - Kill The Pop Stars.mp3
KAOS kutang - Lets Pogo Around.mp3
KAOS kutang - Medium Stink II.mp3
KAOS kutang - My Favorite Stomache Ache.mp3
KAOS kutang - Please Don't Be a Mainstream Ass.mp3
KAOS kutang - Shit..Shit..Shit..mp3
KAOS Kutang - Why Do You Keep Doing That.mp3
new album=
Kaos Kutang - Ur Women Sucks.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Stop Beating Up Civilianz.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Trapped.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Instead Of Doing That.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Lets Join.mp3
Kaos Kutang - Friendship Still Goes On.mp3
Kaos Kutang - How Can We.mp3


Kawalat - Aborsi (StreetPunk Cilacap).mp3
Kawalat - Aparat Keparat.mp3
Kawalat - Berontak dan Lawan.mp3
Kawalat - Kasih Terkutuk.mp3
Kawalat - Narapidana.mp3
Kawalat - Penguasa.mp3
Kawalat - Penindas Babi.mp3
kawalat - Revolusi sampai Mati.mp3

Kawat Berduri - Black and White (H.C Punk Gresik).mp3
Kawat Berduri - Fight For Freedom.mp3
Kawat Berduri - Ilusi.mp3
Kawat Berduri - Kawat Berduri.mp3


KEPARAT - Badot (StreetPunk Bandung).mp3
KEPARAT - Berontak.mp3
KEPARAT - Depressed.mp3
KEPARAT - Disorder.mp3
KEPARAT - Fuck The Pit Security.mp3
KEPARAT - Fuckin Cops.mp3
KEPARAT - Hate School.mp3
KEPARAT - I Hate Government (Bandung).mp3
KEPARAT - Is This Juat A Dream.mp3
KEPARAT - No More War (Bandung).mp3
KEPARAT - No Rules (Bandung).mp3
KEPARAT - Nu Gelo.mp3
KEPARAT - Penjara.mp3
KEPARAT - Police Shit (Bandung).mp3
KEPARAT - Racism Sucks.mp3
KEPARAT - Society Frustration.mp3
KEPARAT - Who's To Blame.mp3

Kloset Monster - Musnah.mp3
Kloset Monster - Tetangga Sakit Jiwa.mp3
Komp. Bandung Underground - Full of Hate - I know.mp3
Komp. Bandung Underground - Rotten To The Core - Police on my back.mp3

Linoleum Records Family Vol. 1 Compilation [2008]

Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Arabian Peanuts - Lagu Gila.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Close Head - Melawan Waktu.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Damage Done - A New Day Has Come.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Faceless - Terbuang Hadirku.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Fiddlers - Dendam.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Forgotten Generation - Ingkar.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Glory Of Love - Perasaan Kontra Logika.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Goodboybadminton - Alert, Alert Lindsay.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Like Father Like Son - Sudut Kota Kembang.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Neverall - Mama...Bangunkan Aku!.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Outright - Bloody Board Destruction.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Power Punk - Penjahat.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Sendal Jepit - Kita Takan Bisa Lupa.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Standfree - Revolt.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Strike First - Satukan Visi.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Tragedi - United By Hardcore.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - Under 18 - Kini, Esok dan Nanti.mp3
Komp. Linoleum Rec. - xMadcowx - Regret In The Last Page.mp3

Komp. Viking - Jeruji - Wasit GOBLOG !.mp3
Komp. Viking - Noin Bullet - Gak Usah Rusuh.mp3
Komp. Viking - Purpose - Persibku yang Biru.mp3
Komp. Viking - Savor of Filth - Lawan, Serang, Taklukkan.mp3
Komp. Viking - Sendal Jepit - Jangan Rusak Kotaku.mp3
Komp. Viking - Turtles Jr - Dari Bandung, Untuk Persib!.mp3
Komp. Viking - Virus - Persib Ataoe Mati.mp3

Bad Tunes

Komp.Bad Tunes - Aggresive Touch - Come To My Land.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Ball Beklen - Stupid Game.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Disconnected - Desperate.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Eight My Plo - Love & Human Right.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Fudge - World Today.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Kuro - Untitled.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - No Label - The One.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Nudist Island - How Long....mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Respect - So Long!.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Right 88 - Chicken Shit!.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Rocket Rockers - Nurse.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Spit' 69 - Cartoon Star.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Stadium 12 (Summer 99) - Life Is Today.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Sun Of A Beach! - W1tchy.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - T.I.T.I.T - Reality.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - Taltaya - Blame For Nothing.mp3
Komp.Bad Tunes - This Selfish Fish Got No Wish - Mentality Abuse.mp3

KOMP.SEPANJANG HARI - FONZIE & ROYS - Benderang Cahaya.mp3

Komp.tribute Minor Threat - A FRIEND FOR LIFE - THINK AGAIN.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - DOMESTIK DOKTRIN - BETRAY.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - FREESOUL - STRAIGHT EDGE.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - HUGE LIZZARD - I DONT WANNA HEAR IT.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - HUMAN ERROR - IT FOLLOWS.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - JACKSTONE - MINOR THREAT.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - MANUSIAXBUATAN - OUT OF STEP.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - NO TO VIOLENCE - IN MY EYES.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - REVOLT - GUILTY OF BEING WHITE.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - SPIRIT TODAY - STAND UP.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - START TODAY - NO REASON.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - STRENGTH TO STRENGTH - SEEING RED.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - TAKE AND AWAKE - SCREAMIN AT WALL.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - TANPA BATAS - BOTTLE VIOLENCE.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - THE JINX - SALAD DAYS.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - THINK AGAIN - LITTLE FRIEND.MP3
Komp.tribute Minor Threat - WHAT WE THINK - STUMPED.MP3

KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - 142 % CHAOS - JiwA KAmi.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - ARMY STYLE - ReVoLUsi.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - AS SQUAD - KeAdiLan.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - CLINIC - JhoNny fRusTasi.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - HELL COPS - KoRupSi.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - KLINIK JIWA - Hip0KR1t.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - LITHIUM - 0i.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - PAKU PAYUNG - SaPi.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - PANTOPLE - AwAs PoLiSi.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - RANDOM - DenGar dAn Hentikan.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - SHOCK PESTOL - BukAn pREman.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - SID - Sid Ganx Vivaleftist.mp3
KOMPILASI Punk Klinik - STONE ACNE - IsoLAsi.mp3

komplete kontrol

Komplete Kontrol - In The Sense Of An Equal Justice (OldSchool H.C Bandung).mp3
Komplete Kontrol - Kontra Produktif.mp3
Komplete Kontrol - Malaikat Benar.MP3
Komplete Kontrol - Media.mp3
Komplete Kontrol - Sustainable Spirit Scene.mp3
Komplete Kontrol - The Power Is Ours.mp3


KONFLIK - 3rd day song (Melodic Punk Jakarta).mp3
KONFLIK - A Little Poem.mp3
KONFLIK - Against the System.mp3
KONFLIK - Consequenses Of A Broken Heart.mp3
Konflik - I Started To Puke When This Lyric Completely Becam.mp3
KONFLIK - Nova.mp3
KONFLIK - Satire 76.mp3
KONFLIK - Selamat Jalan Kekasih .mp3
Kontaminasi Kapitalis - Cabut Dwifungsi ABRI.mp3
Kontaminasi Kapitalis - Hak Perempuan.mp3
Kontaminasi Kapitalis - Join In Channel.mp3

Kopral Kobong - Boikot Pemilu (Punk Rock Gresik).mp3
Kopral Kobong - Darah Juang (Cover).mp3
Kopral Kobong - Hitam.mp3
Kopral Kobong - Karna Uang.mp3
Kopral Kobong - Kebersamaan(new version).mp3
Kopral Kobong - Kebersamaan.mp3
Kopral Kobong - Mars Kopral.mp3

Krasskepala - Ace of spades (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Krasskepala - Authority Lier.mp3
krasskepala - krasskepala.mp3
Krasskepala - Religion Arrogant.mp3
new mp3 colection=
Krasskepala - Arogansi Agama.mp3
Krasskepala - Awas Polisi.mp3
Krasskepala - Bebaskan.mp3
Krasskepala - K.S.A. (kalian Semua Anjing).mp3
Krasskepala - Penguasa Bohong.mp3
Krasskepala - Police Violence.mp3
Krasskepala - Punk Menolak Dijajah.mp3


Kuro! - alone (Melodic Punk Jakarta).mp3
Kuro! - ever before.mp3
Kuro! - fearless soul.mp3
Kuro! - for good and bad.mp3
Kuro! - its my 1st love and broken heart.mp3
Kuro! - maniess.mp3
Kuro! - pick my destiny.mp3
Kuro! - punk rock girl.mp3
Kuro! - question mark.mp3
Kuro! - seadanya.mp3
Kuro! - sorry.mp3
Kuro! - the end of generation.mp3
Kuro! - wonder boy.mp3


Last Action Hero - Go away (FastMelodic Punk Jakarta).mp3
Last Action Hero - Intro (Prologue).mp3
Last Action Hero - Struggle soul.mp3
Last Action Hero - Together.mp3

Little Ruthless Plan - Corelove Story (Melodic PunkRock Bekasi).mp3
Little Ruthless Plan - I Need This.mp3
Little Ruthless Plan - Illusions.mp3
Little Ruthless Plan - Long Night Noise.mp3
Little Ruthless Plan - My Girl.mp3
Little Ruthless Plan - Pesan Sebelum Pergi.mp3
Little Ruthless Plan - Song To My Friend.mp3
Little Ruthless Plan - West Side Dog.mp3

Lombok Rocktimes - Badbunny - Cinta Petaka.mp3
Lombok Rocktimes - Barang Bukti Kejahatan - Potret Hidup.mp3
Lombok Rocktimes - Chocolate Lover - Hari Bahagia.mp3
Lombok Rocktimes - Damage Machine - Fuck Zionis.mp3
Lombok Rocktimes - Kenakalan Remaja - Mau Tak Mau.mp3
Lombok Rocktimes - Kurikuri - Woman Holic.mp3
Lombok Rocktimes - Pancake - Masa Lalu.mp3
Lombok Rocktimes - The Bad Black - Bercumbu.mp3
Lombok Rocktimes - The Kwan - This Our Time.mp3

Longbeach - Hai Hai Hu Hu (Ska Reggae Solo).mp3
Longbeach - Low Rider Boy.mp3
Longbeach - Si Dia.mp3
Longbeach - Sweet Girl.mp3

LONTAR - KKN-nya KKN.mp3
LONTAR - Revolusi.mp3

Lost sight

Lost Sight - 1 On 1 (OldSchool H.C Jakarta).mp3
Lost Sight - Blind.mp3
Lost Sight - End The Hate.mp3
Lost Sight - Faith In Me.mp3
Lost Sight - I Let You Down.mp3
Lost Sight - I'm Not Straight Edge.mp3
Lost Sight - Lead The Way.mp3
Lost Sight - Lost Sight.mp3
Lost Sight - Understanding.mp3
Lost Sight - Walk Way.mp3
Lost Sight - We Make A Sound.mp3
Lost Sight - You've Changed.mp3


Marching Goals - Bangkit (Oldskull Hardcore Semarang).MP3
Marching Goals - Dont wanna Fall for Second Times.MP3
Marching Goals - Hardcore dadakan.MP3
Marching Goals - Let's make a change.MP3
Marching Goals - Poison free.MP3

Mesin Tempur - Apa Itu Hip-Hop (GrindCore Joke Bandung).mp3
Mesin Tempur - Beca Tiguling.mp3
Mesin Tempur - Intisari.mp3
Mesin Tempur - Mari Membaca.mp3
Mesin Tempur - Sirine (Luncat).mp3
Mesin Tempur - Supir Angkot Goblog!.mp3

Milisi Kecoa - Ini Bukan Arab, Bung! (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Milisi Kecoa - Kami Marah!.mp3
Milisi Kecoa - Punkrock, Terdomestikasi. bag.1.mp3
Milisi Kecoa - Swastika Mewakili Dirimu.mp3

MKB - For the future (SkatePunk Jakarta).mp3
MKB - intro.mp3
MKB - Sebuah harapan.mp3
MKB - Semangat hidupku.mp3
MKB - Skate joke.mp3

Mayat Baja - Amis Pait (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Mayat Baja - Beranjak Dewasa.mp3
Mayat Baja - Fuck you Shut.mp3
Mayat Baja - In Disorder.mp3
Mayat Baja - Manohara.mp3
Mayat Baja - Manusia Serakah.mp3

Monkey Business - Monkey Business Anthem (Melodic Jogjakarta).mp3
Monkey Business - Not a Second Time.mp3
Monkey Business - Preman Berseragam.mp3
Monkey Business - Punk Rawka.mp3
Monkey Business - Remember.mp3
Monkey Business - Raja Tetaplah Raja.mp3
Monkey Business - Surat Tanpa Akhir.mp3
Monkey Business - 'till i'am.mp3
Monkey Business - Lika Liku Laki-laki.mp3
Monkey Business - Mira Agresive.mp3
Monkey Business - Monyet Kesepian.mp3
Monkey Business - My Hero.mp3

Morning Horny - Diana dan Okko (PunkRock Jogja).mp3
Morning Horny - Girl in my fuckin dreams.mp3
Morning Horny - Jogjakarta.mp3
Morning Horny - Learn to place your self.mp3
Morning Horny - Mari berdansa.mp3
Morning Horny - Teruntuk.mp3


Mutant - Pilisi Kacarita (CrustCore Makassar).mp3
Mutant - Power Hate.mp3
Mutant - Rejected.mp3
Mutant - Revolshit.mp3
Mutant - Unknown.mp3

My Name Is - Aku Tahu.mp3
My Name Is - Aku.mp3
My Name Is - Bukan Untukmu.mp3
My Name Is - Cuap sana Cuap sini.mp3
My Name Is - Dari Hati ke Hati.mp3
My Name Is - Dream.mp3
My Name Is - Greedy Of The World.mp3
My Name Is - Jauh di sisi mu.mp3
My Name Is - Juwita.mp3
My Name Is - Line of Life.mp3
My Name Is - Love Song Ver.2.mp3
My Name Is - Love Song.mp3
My Name Is - Luka.mp3
My Name Is - My Name Is.mp3
My Name Is - Rahasia Hati.mp3
My Name Is - She Roses.mp3
My Name Is - Shouldier to Cry on.mp3
My Name Is - Sisi Hati.mp3
My Name Is - Something to beat.mp3
My Name Is - Takkan Mampu.mp3

My Pet Sally - Bangun Pagi (Melodic Punk Jogja).mp3
My Pet Sally - Cinta 18.mp3
My Pet Sally - Ibu Kost.mp3
My Pet Sally - Traffic Lights.mp3
My Pet Sally - My Little Monkey.mp3
My Pet Sally - Stay Here For Fun.mp3
My Pet Sally - Whats Up.mp3
My Pet Sally - Aku Selau Ada.mp3
My Pet Sally - By Jimmy.mp3


Natter Jack - Anjing Koruptor (StreetPunk Bali).mp3
Natter Jack - Berek.mp3
Natter Jack - Punk Not Dead.mp3

Nervous Breakdown - 1999 (Oldschool H.C Jakarta).mp3
Nervous Breakdown - (Love Buzz) & Cut the Crap.mp3
Nervous Breakdown - Hardcore Suxxx.mp3
Nervous Breakdown - Animal Angst.mp3
Nervous Breakdown - Jayabaya Hardcore Scene Rules.mp3
Nervous Breakdown - Shure 5.mp3

Neverall - Fairy Island (Melodic PunkRock Bandung).mp3
Neverall - Jadikanlah Ini Sebuah Kenangan.mp3
Neverall - JSFA (Japan So Far Away).mp3
Neverall - Just Tell Me Its Not True (Repackaged).mp3
Neverall - Rippening Fruit (Intro).mp3
Neverall - The First and The Last.mp3
Neverall - Workless.mp3

NineFolds - Arek Edan (PunkRock Bali).mp3
NineFolds - Anak monyet.mp3
NineFolds - Don't Go Away.mp3
NineFolds - It's Time to Play.mp3
NineFolds - KB (Kehidupan Bersamamu).mp3
NineFolds - Kehadiranmu.mp3
NineFolds - Kumbang Malam.mp3
NineFolds - Misnatun.mp3
NineFolds - Poor Adam.mp3
NineFolds - PR VS ML.mp3
NineFolds - Rise Up Nation.mp3
NineFolds - Seteru.mp3
NineFolds - Waiting For Your Love (Covered).mp3

no label

No Label - Alone (Punk Rock Jakarta).mp3
No Label - Childhood.mp3
No Label - Kosong.mp3
No Label - Little Charge.mp3
No Label - No Way Out.mp3
No Label - Semu.mp3
No Label - Sepedaku.mp3

no label toraja


No More Victim Dead - Get Used To It (OldSchool H.C Sukabumi).mp3
No More Victim Dead - Jika Bayi Bisa Bicara.mp3
No More Victim Dead - Just For Today.mp3
No More Victim Dead - Kacang Lupa Akan Kulitnya.mp3
No More Victim Dead - Persepsi.mp3
No More Victim Dead - Setan vs Malaikat.mp3
No More Victim Dead - Straight At Last.mp3
No More Victim Dead - Takan Pernah Berhenti.mp3
No More Victim Dead - We Try To Clean And Sober.mp3

Nothing Special - Bad New Years (Fast PunkRock Solo).mp3
Nothing Special - Bring Me The Freedom Again.mp3
Nothing Special - Budhe Fucking Asshole.mp3
Nothing Special - Devon.mp3
Nothing Special - Ego Sentris.mp3
Nothing Special - God Bless.mp3
Nothing Special - Juny.mp3
Nothing Special - More Sugar.mp3
Nothing Special - My Mind.mp3
Nothing Special - Na na na...!!!.mp3
Nothing Special - Putri Malu.mp3
Nothing Special - Runing Away.mp3
Nothing Special - Shine Are Turn Around.mp3
Nothing Special - Winterwind.mp3

noin bullet

Noin Bullet - Akhir Pasti.mp3
Noin Bullet - Bakakak Hayam.mp3
Noin Bullet - Bebas (Ska Punk Bandung).mp3
Noin Bullet - Cerita Nanti.mp3
Noin Bullet - Fuck Your Friends (Ska Punk Bandung).mp3
Noin Bullet - I Can't Believe (Ska Punk Bandung).mp3
Noin Bullet - I Never.mp3
Noin Bullet - Mungkin.mp3
Noin Bullet - Satu Angan.mp3
Noin Bullet - Waktu.mp3
Noin Bullet - Yesterday Cookies (Ska Punk Bandung).mp3
Noin Bullet - You Know Me (Ska Punk Bandung).mp3

Norekkent - Semangatmu (Oi! Blitar).mp3

not for child

Not For Child - Get Up (Ska Punk Bogor).mp3
Not For Child - Get Your Boots.mp3
Not For Child - Mary.mp3
Not For Child - Mu Fuck Munaf.mp3

Nudist Island - Anxiety (Melodic PunkRock Bandung).mp3
Nudist Island - Can't Sleep Tonight.mp3
Nudist Island - College.mp3
Nudist Island - Four Little Words.mp3
Nudist Island - How Long That.mp3
Nudist Island - Just Another Short Song.mp3
Nudist Island - Kan Terkenang.mp3
Nudist Island - Menanti.MP3
Nudist Island - Menganga.mp3
Nudist Island - Puppen.mp3
Nudist Island - Radio.mp3
Nudist Island - Rishdie III.mp3
Nudist Island - Taman Kota.mp3
Nudist Island - Understand To Tolerance.mp3
Nudist Island - You're So Down.mp3

Nyiur Melambai - Gadisku.mp3
Nyiur Melambai - Holiday.mp3
Nyiur Melambai - Home Sweat Home.mp3
Nyiur Melambai - Tersenyumlah.mp3
Nyiur Melambai - Think Of you.mp3
Nyiur Melambai - Track.mp3
Nyiur Melambai - Yes i Do.mp3



One Pocket Smilling Grass - Flashback (Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - Little Sweety.MP3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - Mengejar Maling.mp3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - sexaholic.mp3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - distorsi.mp3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - Fool guy.mp3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - Ganjaku.MP3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - Hidupku, Hidupmu, Hidupnya.mp3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - Hilang.mp3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - O.P.S.G.MP3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - Party Line.mp3
One Pocket Smilling Grass - smoke it up.mp3

One Voice - Bersatu (Oi! Skinhead Bandung).mp3
One Voice - Bunga Untuk Indonesia.mp3
One Voice - Skinheads.mp3

Oppresion head

Oppression Head - a way of life (Skinhead Bandung).mp3
Oppression Head - Back the skin head (kids version).mp3
Oppression Head - Fuck Gank Boy.mp3
Oppression Head - Sama dan tak beda.mp3
Oppression Head - Skinhead revolution.mp3


Paspor Oi! - Indonesia Skinheads (Oi! Bandung).mp3

Parno Punk

Parno Punk - Stuck In My Head (PunkRock Makassar).mp3

Pemuda Garis Depan

Pemuda Garis Depan - Diam (Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Mentari.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Narsistmigran.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Ordinary Punk.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Rumput liar.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - selamat pagi dunia.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Standart Sentence.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Surat Untuk Dia.MP3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Tenggelam (Luka).mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Terlepas Bebas.MP3
Pemuda Garis Depan - The Clown Story.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - The Other.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - White Angel.mp3
Pemuda Garis Depan - Wlm Poor(Death Cobain Freak).MP3

Permen Karet - 14 Februari (Ska Punk Makassar).mp3
Permen Karet - Bosan.mp3
Permen Karet - Onany Sang Bidadari.MP3
Permen Karet - Permen Karet.MP3
Permen Karet - Sahabat.MP3
Permen Karet - Say No To Drugs.MP3
Permen Karet - To A.N.S.MP3
Piece Of Cake - Tak Perduli.mp3
Piece Of Cake - Wise Ass.mp3

Primitive Chimpanzee - Rawon of Tuyul (H.C Joke Malang).mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - Awas Anjing Galak.mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - Bakar amoniak.mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - Gorila Hitam.mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - HCpret.mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - Jungle Riot.mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - Kutaaaaaaaaaaang.mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - PCHC.mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - Rawon of Tuyul (H.C Joke Malang).mp3
Primitive Chimpanzee - S.O.S.mp3

Psychofun - Everything to me (Punk Rock Bali).mp3
Psychofun - No Regret.mp3
Psychofun - Satu.mp3
Psychofun - Shutdown The Radio.mp3
Psychofun - When the Sun Goes Down.mp3

PUNK AREA - Jauh -Caramel Cover-(Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
PUNK AREA - Jomblo.mp3
PUNK AREA - Kutcang.mp3
PUNK AREA - Malam Minggu.mp3
PUNK AREA - Praja Bangsat (Live Instrumental).mp3
PUNK AREA - Sakit Gigi.mp3
PUNK AREA - Untitled.mp3

Punkcover Semarang - Dont Look Back - God Give Rock n Roll to you (Kiss Cover).mp3
Punkcover Semarang - Harvest Moon - How Deep is your Love (Bee Gees Cover).mp3
Punkcover Semarang - Higain protest - We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister Cover).mp3
Punkcover Semarang - Monster Mutasi - Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover).mp3
Punkcover Semarang - Riot In Wonderland - High n Dry (Radiohead Cover).mp3
Punkcover Semarang - The Balance Chair - Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue Cover).mp3
Punkcover Semarang - Yunus Kicked Her Nose - Enter The Sandman (Metallica Cover).mp3

PUPPEN - Abstain (Hardcore Bandung).mp3
PUPPEN - Atur Aku.mp3
PUPPEN - Dansa.mp3
PUPPEN - Freedom To Deficate.mp3
PUPPEN - Grind Hard.mp3
PUPPEN - Hijau.mp3
PUPPEN - Hilang.mp3
PUPPEN - Memar Terpatri (Unreleased).mp3
PUPPEN - Pecundang.mp3
PUPPEN - Sistem.mp3
PUPPEN - Tanpa Dasar.mp3
PUPPEN - Tercitra (Unreleased).mp3
PUPPEN - This Is Not A Puppen Song.mp3
PUPPEN - True.mp3
PUPPEN - United Fist.mp3
PUPPEN - Violent Youth.mp3

Purpose - Dunia Malam (SkaPunk Bandung).mp3
Purpose - eNBe (Numpang Beken).mp3
Purpose - Jangan.mp3
Purpose - Na Na Na.mp3
Purpose - Say Something.mp3
Purpose - Scooby Doo.Mp3
Purpose - SKAtmosphere (Pop Fals).mp3
Purpose - Tamanku.mp3
Purpose - Thank's To.mp3
Purpose - Tiger Clan.Mp3
Purpose - Anak sekolah - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - Citrayundai - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - !!! - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - Artist Syndrome - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - Jump Up To The Beat - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - Ketika Cinta Harus Memilih Cuihh ! - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - Wuhahhh ! - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - Lagu Monyet - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - Purpose Clan - Gado2 #9.mp3
Purpose - Sss...t ! ( instrument ) - Gado2 #9.mp3


Quotthe RootSquot - Hilang Perlawanan.mp3
Quotthe RootSquot - Sudahlah Kawan.mp3
Quotthe RootSquot - Young Rebel.mp3


RAGE GENERATION BROTHERS - Class War (PunkRock Jakarta).mp3

Rajin Pangkal pandai - Bizzare love triangle (PunkRock Semarang).mp3
Rajin Pangkal pandai - Going to the show.mp3
Rajin Pangkal pandai - I have to go.mp3

Realino Resort - Arrgh (Hardcore Punk Jogja).mp3
Realino Resort - Barisan Belati.mp3
Realino Resort - Bentak benak!!.mp3
Realino Resort - Cekal.mp3
Realino Resort - intro{ykrr}.mp3

Reason to Die - False Hardcore Fall (Hardcore Jogja).mp3
Reason to Die - Reason To Die.mp3


Rentenir - Beranjak Dewasa.mp3
Rentenir - Broken Heart Hooligans Demo.mp3
Rentenir - Cinta Di Poor Setengah.mp3
Rentenir - Dear PSSI.mp3
Rentenir - Dengan Cinta.mp3
Rentenir - Romantika Di Stadion Siliwangi.mp3
Rentenir - Sepakbola Ria Jenaka.mp3
Rentenir - Warrior.mp3

Richard n' The Gilis - Black N White (Reggae Lombok).mp3
Richard n' The Gilis - Cuci Mata.mp3
Richard n' The Gilis - Gili Trawangan.mp3
Richard n' The Gilis - Kulit Kacang.mp3
Richard n' The Gilis - Ngayal.mp3
Richard n' The Gilis - Pariss Hillton.mp3
Richard n' The Gilis - Santai saja.mp3
Richard n' The Gilis - SPH.mp3
Richard n' The Gilis - Terdiam.mp3

Riot Outta Indonesia

RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - FREEWILL - Tertawa dan terkutux.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - Happy Riol Forever - Cheerz For Glorious.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - HARDMILK - Lost From There So fast.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - Long Drive Tonight - Saat ini.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - NEVERALL - Just Tell Me Its Not True.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - Right Choice - Perpisahan.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - Summer Seasons - Song For You.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - Sushibashi - Katakan!!.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - The Refugee - Solitude.mp3
RIOT OUTTA INDONESIA!! - Thousand Needles - inspirasiku.mp3

Rise - Beer is murder (Hardcore Malang).mp3
Rise - Fight.mp3
Rise - Konsistensi.mp3
Rise - Stand again.mp3


Rosemary - Drunk Song.mp3
Rosemary - Miracle (Bandung Punk Rock).mp3
Rosemary - My Broken Board.mp3
Rosemary - My Fault.mp3
Rosemary - Never feat. Abang Noin Bullet.mp3
Rosemary - Punk Rock Show (Bandung).mp3
Rosemary - Rosemary.mp3
Rosemary - Siti Batang.mp3
Rosemary - That's All.mp3
Rosemary - The Words (Bandung).mp3
Rosemary - Ulang Tahun.mp3
Rosemary Ft Gania - Supergirl.mp3

Rotten To The Core

Rotten To The Core - Die In 25 (Punk Rock Bandung).mp3
Rotten To The Core - Drunk Story.mp3
Rotten To The Core - Ga peduli.mp3
Rotten To The Core - Jhonny.mp3
Rotten To The Core - Muka Tai.mp3

Rude Devil - Sodaraku.mp3

Runtah - Anarki (StreetPunk Bandung).mp3
Runtah - Blood Sucking System.mp3
Runtah - Buruh Tani.mp3
Runtah - Perang.mp3
Runtah - Punk.mp3
Runtah - Satu Suara.mp3
Runtah - State Violence State Control.mp3
Runtah - Stop Killing Animal.mp3


Sabotage - Banned From The Past.mp3
Sabotage - No Peace Today No Life Tomorrow.mp3

Sanfranskins - Can If You Think (Oi! Skinhead Bandung).mp3
Sanfranskins - Flower City Boot Boys.mp3
Sanfranskins - Girl.mp3
Sanfranskins - Maju Terus Serang Lawan.mp3
Sanfranskins - Oi! Dalam Cinta.mp3
Sanfranskins - Quired Girl.mp3
Sanfranskins - Satukan Hati.mp3
Sanfranskins - Share On The Gigs.mp3
Sanfranskins - Sorry I'm Too Rock Part 1.mp3

Sally is Stupid - Me VS You.mp3
Sally Is Stupid - Mencoba Bangkit.mp3
Sarung Sutera - Bugis song.mp3
Sarung Sutera - Don't say goodbye.mp3
Sarung Sutera - Indah Alamku.mp3
Sarung Sutera - our politic.mp3
Sarung Sutera - Pak guru.mp3
Sarung Sutera - The Freedom.mp3

Save The Last President - Alcoholic.mp3
Save The Last President - Block Rockin' Bitch.mp3
SBY - Bogor City OiOiOi! (StreetPunk Bogor).mp3
SBY - Destroy.mp3

sendal japit

Sendal Jepit - Alcohol & Irony.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Cowboy.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Duck Song (Old Ver.).mp3
Sendal Jepit - Duck'sSong (Bandung).mp3
Sendal Jepit - Falling Away.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Good Bye.mp3
Sendal Jepit - I Know I will (Bandung).mp3
Sendal Jepit - I Say.mp3
Sendal Jepit - I Will Wrecked It Up (Old Ver.).mp3
Sendal Jepit - I Wish.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Kalah.mp3
Sendal Jepit - King's Diary.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Little Things (Bandung).mp3
Sendal Jepit - Memo.mp3
Sendal Jepit - My Altercation (Bandung).mp3
Sendal Jepit - My Friend.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Nina (Bandung).mp3
Sendal Jepit - Nina (Old Ver.).mp3
Sendal Jepit - Nothing (Bandung).mp3
Sendal Jepit - Nothing (Old Ver.).mp3
Sendal Jepit - Orgamus maximus no 57.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Rejection.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Solar Queen.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Stranded Ship.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Stupid Love Song.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Sweet Paranoia.mp3
Sendal Jepit - The Sun.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Until The Cold No Longer Bites.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Watch Arround.mp3
Sendal Jepit - You gave me loneliness and a song to sing.mp3
Sendal Jepit - Your Face.mp3


Sextoy - Budaya Bodoh.mp3
Sextoy - Promise.mp3
Sextoy - Sextoy.mp3
Sextoy - The Giant Killer.mp3
Sextoy - Bosan.mp3
Sextoy - Fucking Politic.mp3
Sextoy - Party.mp3
Sextoy - 17%.mp3
Sextoy - 99x.mp3

Septictank - Angry Kids.mp3
Septictank - Ethnic Violence.mp3
Septictank - If.mp3
Septictank - Slave.mp3
Septictank - Terminated.mp3

Sex Punk

SEX PUNK - basa basi (Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
SEX PUNK - daeng bagong.mp3
SEX PUNK - dg.baso jhie.mp3
SEX PUNK - diana.mp3
SEX PUNK - gatot kaca.mp3
SEX PUNK - kampoengta.mp3
SEX PUNK - ndak rumit.mp3
SEX PUNK - paccarita!.mp3
SEX PUNK - puber ke lima.mp3
SEX PUNK - punkampung.mp3

Sexy Pig

Sexy Pig - After Midnight.mp3
Sexy Pig - Aib Manusia.mp3
SEXY PIG - Bangsat (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
SEXY PIG - Be Murder (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
Sexy Pig - Broken Punks.mp3
SEXY PIG - Fuck You (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
SEXY PIG - Kill The Bastard (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
Sexy Pig - Lets Drunk.mp3
SEXY PIG - Lets Pogo Punks (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
Sexy Pig - Motha Fucka Fella Urs Dumb.mp3
Sexy Pig - Oi untuk Merdeka.mp3
SEXY PIG - On The Street (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
SEXY PIG - Police Story (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
Sexy Pig - Princes.mp3
SEXY PIG - Punk Not Die In INA (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
Sexy Pig - Punk Rock.mp3
Sexy Pig - Punks Not trendy.mp3
SEXY PIG - Shit Song (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
Sexy Pig - Shut The Fucked Up.mp3
Sexy Pig - Sinting Gila Miring Pusing 7 Keliling.mp3
Sexy Pig - Swindle Revolution.mp3
Sexy Pig - Telling The Truth.mp3
SEXY PIG - The Bomb In My Head (Jakarta-ciputat PUNK).mp3
Sexy Pig - United Devil Child.mp3
Sexy Pig - We Are The Youth Mohican.mp3
Sexy Pig - When I Watching Cowboy Film.mp3
Sexy Pig - You Want To Know.mp3
Sexy Pig - You.mp3

shaolin temple

Shaolin Temple - Cewekku.mp3
Shaolin Temple - Karna Rokok.mp3
Shaolin Temple - No Master No Slave.mp3
Shaolin Temple - Pemerintah Bangsat.mp3
Shaolin Temple - Punk Move Again.mp3

Sick OFF - Anthem.mp3
Sick OFF - Hanya Kamu.mp3
Sick OFF - Ratu Manja.mp3
Sick OFF - Ririez.mp3
Side Issue - Kill Your Leader .mp3
Side Issue - What happen.mp3

Silly Riot

Silly Riot - Cruel Follower (Crustcore Punk Jakarta).mp3
Silly Riot - Destroy.mp3
Silly Riot - Fight Against The War.mp3
Silly Riot - Sacrifice Of Me.mp3
Silly Riot - Suffers.mp3
Silly Riot - Were Fucked Up.mp3

Ska Klinik

SKA KLINIK - Bom Bom Car - Suara Gempita.mp3
SKA KLINIK - ES CORET - Berkhayal.mp3
SKA KLINIK - JET COASTER - Salah Tingkah.mp3
SKA KLINIK - No Smoking - Net Not.mp3
SKA KLINIK - SPIDOL - Bingung.mp3
SKA KLINIK - TEDDY BEAR - Skavivia.mp3
SKA KLINIK - WHY NOT - Jangan.mp3
SKA MANIA - Arigatoo - Petualangan VW Combi.mp3
SKA MANIA - Black Sky - Sisi.mp3
SKA MANIA - COLLONYET - Siti Aminah.mp3
SKA MANIA - DJAUA - Nona Manis.mp3
SKA MANIA - KLARINET - Pergi Ke Bulan.mp3
SKA MANIA - Moron - Satu Impian.mp3
SKA MANIA - PALM - Di Pantai Ini.mp3
SKA MANIA - THE JOKER - Cewek Indies.mp3
SKA PARTY - DRY - The One.mp3
SKA PARTY - FOD - Waduk.mp3
SKA PARTY - KLARINET - Klarita.mp3
SKA PARTY - SKANKIN YOU SKA - My Friend's Girl Friend.mp3

Slater - Amphibie (Punk Reggae Singkawang).mp3
Slater - Anak Trendy.mp3
Slater - Bukan Sampah.mp3
Slater - Bush Shit Fuck Off.mp3
Slater - Pemimpin Bodoh.mp3
Slater - Penjahat Kelamin.mp3
Slater - Pogo Party.mp3
Slater - Suntix Mati.mp3

Sleeping Police - Army Violent (Crust Punk Sidoarjo).mp3
Sleeping Police - Chaos for the life.mp3
Sleeping Police - Stay You Stay True Stay Punx.mp3

Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - Decision (PunkRock Malang).mp3
Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - F.I.D.mp3
Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - Glorious.mp3
Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - Hilang.mp3
Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - Hometown.mp3
Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - Jane.mp3
Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - Pride.mp3
Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - Sally's Gotta Dick.mp3
Snickers And The Chicken Fighters - White Lies.mp3

Soul Shaker - Berjumpa Lagi (Ska Rocksteady Jakarta).mp3
Soul Shaker - Cathy Cat.mp3
Soul Shaker - Miss Merlita.mp3
Soul Shaker - Suka Cita.mp3
Soul Shaker - Weed In My Soul.mp3

Step a Side - azab (Hardcore Punk Semarang).mp3
Step a Side - HxC kah.mp3
Step a Side - keiinginan buta.mp3
Step a Side - new street resurection crew.mp3
Step a Side - sadar.mp3
Step a Side - sisakan kami.mp3
Step a Side - tak masalah.mp3
Step a Side - terobsesi salah.mp3
Step a Side - teroris subur di iklim tropis.mp3
Step a Side - the truth is out there.mp3
Step a Side - tumbang tirani.mp3

Step Forward - Belenggu (Hardcore Jakarta).mp3
Step Forward - Infernal Death.mp3
Step Forward - Saksi Imaji.mp3

Step Of Core

STEP OF CORE - APARAT KEPARAT (Crust Punk Makassar).mp3

Stiff Rebel - Destroy (PunkRock Jakarta).mp3
Stiff Rebel - Get Up Rebel.mp3
Stiff Rebel - Indonesia Kami.mp3
Stiff Rebel - We Are The Punk's.mp3

Still Punk Still Suck's - Aggressive Touch - Fantastic.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Buckskin Bugle - B is for Buckskin Bugle.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Closehead - Kampang.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Disconnected - leuv.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Rocket Rockers - Let Sleeping a Dogs Lie !.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Sendal Jepit - Encounter None.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Sun Of A Beach ! - Shierley.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - The Marmars - The story of the zoo and the monkey.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Tommy Band - Robot.mp3
Still Punk Still Suck's - Voice Of Youth - Behind The Moonlight.mp3

Still Virgin - As friends as family (Punk Rock Depok).mp3
Still Virgin - Berhenti Sejenak.mp3
Still Virgin - Better Than Hope.mp3
Still Virgin - Grow Fat With You.mp3
Still Virgin - Hate to Miss Someone.mp3
Still Virgin - Hingga Hari Itu Tiba.mp3
Still Virgin - Hippie Hippy.mp3
Still Virgin - Kembali Pergi dan Menghilang.mp3
Still Virgin - Miracle.mp3
Still Virgin - Until One Day I Mary You.mp3
Still Virgin - meine schtz.mp3
Still Virgin - realized.mp3
Still Virgin - sadly badly.mp3
Still Virgin - summer romantic.mp3
Still Virgin - untuk hari nanti.mp3
Still Virgin - angan.mp3
Still Virgin - feel down.mp3

stone blind

Stone Blind - Behind Fame City (Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
Stone Blind - Hilang.mp3
Stone Blind - Tolak Globalisasi.mp3

STRAIGHT ANSWER - Bangkit Melawan Atau Tunduk Ditindas (H.C Punk Jakarta).mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Fasisme Pasti Runtuh.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - For you!.mp3
Straight Answer - Hantam Prasangka Buruk.mp3
Straight Answer - I'm Your Brother You're My Brother.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Increase The Teacher's Welfare.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Ini Bukan Menyerah.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Kerjakan Sendiri.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Made to resist.mp3
Straight Answer - Menolak Tunduk.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Relationship among us.mp3
Straight Answer - Self Achievement.mp3
Straight Answer - The World That I Can't Have.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - The world that I cant have.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Today Tomorrow Forever and Ever.mp3
Straight Answer - Tryin' To Be Nice.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Up hold the truth.mp3
STRAIGHT ANSWER - Use your Brain - Bangkit Melawan #Medley#.mp3
Straight Answer - Violence Free.mp3


STRANGER - Fucked Story (Fast Melodic Magelang).mp3
STRANGER - My Last Choice.mp3
STRANGER - Sad Song.mp3
STRANGER - Smile.mp3
STRANGER - The Story Of Strugle.mp3


Street Voices - Andre Story Of My Friend (Punk Rock Jakarta).mp3
Street Voices - Common Seduce Me.mp3
Street Voices - Dance For Party.mp3
Street Voices - Genocide By Abortion.mp3
Street Voices - In The Name Of Punk.mp3
Street Voices - Me and Mama.mp3
Street Voices - No Lefttist No Rightist.mp3
Street Voices - She Move On Me.mp3
Street Voices - Sheena Is A Punkrocker.mp3
Street Voices - Stay in Front.mp3
Street Voices - Trouble Neighbour.mp3

Strength To Strength - Bersama (Oldskull Hardcore Jogja).mp3
Strength To Strength - Breaking My sound.MP3
Strength To Strength - Fearless.mp3
Strength To Strength - It's time.mp3
Strength To Strength - Make it.mp3
Strength To Strength - Talking shit.MP3
Strength To Strength - Thanks for all.mp3
Strength To Strength - Thinking back.mp3
Strength To Strength - Where did you go.mp3
Strength To Strength - You change.MP3

Stronger Than Before - Fight For Nothing (Oldskull H.C Jogja).mp3
Stronger Than Before - Stay In Line.mp3
Stronger Than Before - Thank You.mp3
Stronger Than Before - The End Is Ours.mp3

Snack Oi! - Ruppies Fantasy.MP3
Snack Oi! - Intro-Danny (PunkRock Oi! Jogja).MP3
Snack Oi! - Never Surrender.MP3
Snack Oi! - PunkRock Party.MP3


Stupidity - Baby Face Killer.mp3
Stupidity - Deep Inside.mp3
Stupidity - Djakarta For The Punk (Jakarta Punk Rock).mp3
Stupidity - Fake.mp3
Stupidity - God Is A Girl.mp3
Stupidity - Hold My Breath.mp3
Stupidity - Kau (Jakarta Punk Rock).mp3
Stupidity - KKK.mp3
Stupidity - Life Is Real.mp3
Stupidity - Make Me Strong.mp3
Stupidity - Mariage.mp3
Stupidity - Me and Punkrocker.mp3
Stupidity - Muchas Gracias PunkRockers.mp3
Stupidity - My Little Poem.mp3
Stupidity - Nembang.mp3
Stupidity - Our Night.mp3
Stupidity - Pray.mp3
Stupidity - Satyr '76.mp3
Stupidity - Stupid Raw Side.mp3
Stupidity - Sucker.mp3
Stupidity - Thank U Punkrockers (Jakarta Punk Rock).mp3
Stupidity - Untukmu.mp3
Stupidity - We Hope U Die.mp3
Stupidity - Wish.mp3
Stupidity - You.mp3

stupidlunatic - Crowd surfing.mp3
stupidlunatic - Game over.mp3


Suck-It 26 - Doctor.mp3
Suck-It26 - Begining.mp3
Suck-It26 - Happy Ending.mp3
Suck-It26 - Masa kecil.mp3
Suck-It26 - Someday on December.mp3
Suck-It26 - Teach Me How Kiss.mp3

Sub Chaos - Berontak.mp3
Sub Chaos - Fight Back.mp3
Sub Chaos - Kemerdekaan Telah Mati.mp3

Superman Is Dead - Fellin' In Heaven (indie songs Punk Rock Bali).mp3
Superman Is Dead - Days of the Fake (Punk Hari Ini).mp3
Superman Is Dead - Frog.mp3
Superman Is Dead - It's All Right.mp3
Superman Is Dead - Jiggiy-jig Message.mp3
Superman Is Dead - Mengintip.mp3
Superman Is Dead - Mr. President We're Gonna Fuck Your Daughter.mp3
Superman Is Dead - The Fat And The Thin.mp3
Superman Is Dead - Unity Of Cells.mp3
Superman Is Dead - White Crickets.mp3
Superman Is Dead - You Gove.mp3

Something About Lola - Delorean Case (Melodic PopPunk Semarang).mp3
Something About Lola - The Best Part Of Writing A Song Is To Name It.mp3
Something About Lola - 9 Detik Dari Sekarang.mp3
Something About Lola - Istanbul To Athens.mp3
Something About Lola - Eggman's Art Of sleeping Awake.mp3
Something About Lola - Fall Of Fashion Designer.mp3
Something About Lola - Majesty's Secret Service.mp3

Sweet Punch For Kids - 12 Hours (Melodic PunkRock Bandung).mp3
Sweet Punch For Kids - Hilang Dan Tenggelam.mp3
Sweet Punch For Kids - Over Dramatic Fever.mp3
Sweet Punch For Kids - Breath And Hope.mp3
Sweet Punch For Kids - Happy Punch Stereo.mp3
Sweet Punch For Kids - All Stars Are Going Down.mp3


Take It Back - Bullshit Poser H.C (Skatepunk H.C Jakarta).MP3
Take It Back - Fast Music Is My Life.MP3
Take It Back - Me Vs Music.mp3
Take It Back - Of Guys.MP3
Take It Back - Skate Of The Day.mp3
Take It Back - Skate To The Street.MP3
Take It Back - Skate Trash Destroy.mp3
Take It Back - Skateboard.mp3
Take It Back - TV Set.mp3
Take It Back - What The Fuck.mp3
Taman Nusantara - Tipis2ku gagal.mp3
Tamsing Miring - CoBroscocot boros (StreetPunk Semarang).mp3
Tamsing Miring - Growong is the Best.mp3
Tamsing Miring - Semarang Punk Mohican.mp3
Tamsing Miring - Tamsing Miring.mp3

Tante Gapekol - Punk dan Skinhead (Skinhead Jogja).mp3
Tante Gapekol - Skinhead Gadungan.mp3
Tante Gapekol - Wirobrajan.mp3


Tcukimay - Diktator (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Tcukimay - Forgive Me (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Tcukimay - Murka (H.C Punk Bandung).MP3
Tcukimay - Real Bastard (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Tcukimay - Sia (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Tcukimay - Support Drunk People (H.C Punk Bandung).MP3

teh cellups

Teh Cellups - Amelia (Bandung Punk Rock).mp3
Teh Cellups - Bitch.mp3
Teh Cellups - Bullshit.mp3
Teh Cellups - Bye Bye Baby.mp3
Teh Cellups - FeeL Like a Looser.mp3
Teh Cellups - Fuck The People.mp3
Teh Cellups - Man Song.mp3
Teh Cellups - No Society.mp3
Teh Cellups - On Stage.mp3
Teh Cellups - Pagi.mp3
Teh Cellups - Riot Room.mp3

Tembak Mati - Indonesiaku .mp3
Tembak Mati - Punx Eksperiment Fusi Tradisi.MP3

The Artificial Life - Bye Bye My Friends (Ska Jakarta).mp3
The Artificial Life - Holiday Jamaica.mp3
The Artificial Life - Lagu Lama.mp3
The Artificial Life - Oya.mp3
The Artificial Life - Rojali Juleha.mp3
The Artificial Life - Ujan.mp3

The Bahamas - Enjoy.mp3
The Bahamas - Matahari.mp3
The Bahamas - Mimpi Basah.mp3
The Bahamas - Selingkuh.mp3

The Billy Rubyn - Aku Sedih Untukmu (Oi! Gresik).mp3
The Billy Rubyn - Oi.mp3
The Billy Rubyn - Punk Jowo.mp3
The Borstal - Bullshit.mp3

The Brews - Daily News (Punk Rock Bali).mp3
The Brews - Microsoft's Gonna Be Kill.mp3
The Brews - Tragedy In Island Of Dream.mp3

The End - 98-99 (Oi! Skinhead Jakarta).mp3
The End - Carry On Oi!.mp3
The End - Damai.mp3
The End - Fresh Cut.mp3
The End - Jimmy Pursey.mp3
The End - Kelas Pekerja.mp3
The End - Last Stand.mp3
The End - Merdeka.mp3
The End - Nazi Wankers.mp3
The End - Oi! The Chorus.mp3
The End - Red And White.mp3
The End - Skinhead Pride.mp3
The End - Unemployment.mp3
The End - Want To Live And Win The Fight.mp3

The Fishka - All I Wanna Be (Ska Skinhead Bekasi).mp3
The Fishka - Beer & Jail.mp3
The Fishka - Cherry Bois.mp3
The Fishka - Don't Be A Rockstar.mp3
The Fishka - Late For Five Days.mp3
The Fishka - Stupid Law.mp3
The Fishka - Sweet Girl.mp3
The Fishka - Young & Blessed.mp3

The Gags

The Gags - Anthems.mp3
The Gags - Die For Freedom (Street Punk Jakarta).mp3
The Gags - Drugs Kill.mp3
The Gags - Indonesian Skinhead.mp3
The Gags - Kawan.mp3
The Gags - Komunitas Bendera Hitam.mp3
The Gags - Let Me Be.mp3

The Gangs - FCS (HC Punk Skinhead Depok).mp3
The Gangs - Frontlineskinsdis....mp3
The Gangs - Rockabooze.mp3

game over

The GameOver - Demokrasi Sakit (Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
The GameOver - Don't Leave Me Alone.mp3
The GameOver - Ejonk.mp3
The GameOver - John Roben Di Kepalaku (New Version).mp3
The GameOver - JohnRobbin Dikepalaku.mp3
The GameOver - Moral Gila.mp3
The GameOver - Pantat.mp3
The GameOver - Song For Ana.mp3
The GameOver - True Friendly.mp3

The Hidrasi - MALBAS RIOT ZONE (Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
The Hidrasi - Mari Berpesta.mp3
The Hidrasi - Manifesto Daun Hijau.mp3


The Hendriks - Beraktorika (Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
The Hendriks - Cameo.mp3
The Hendriks - Cerita Perut.mp3
The Hendriks - Imagine.mp3
The Hendriks - Kepada Yth.mp3
The Hendriks - Lagu Pembebasan.mp3
The Hendriks - Lawan.mp3
The Hendriks - Satukanlah & Lawan.mp3
The Hendriks - Satukanlah.mp3
The Hendriks - TEKNOSHIT (Ver.Aswin The Hendriks).mp3
The Hendriks - TEKNOSHIT (Ver.Endah The Hendriks).mp3


THE HOTDOGS - Angkat Kaki (Punk Rock Makassar).mp3
THE HOTDOGS - Berhenti berdoa.MP3
THE HOTDOGS - Brother Agaitns Brothers.mp3
The Hotdogs - Eat The Meek (NOFX Cover) GrassDay '08.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - ganjasmara.MP3
THE HOTDOGS - Jam 12 Malam.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - Just a Punk.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - kekalahan terakhir.MP3
THE HOTDOGS - kotaku.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - Last Warning.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - Let Me Save Your Life.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - Let question have the answer.MP3
THE HOTDOGS - Let's Go To The Riot.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - lexotan.MP3
THE HOTDOGS - monochrome.MP3
THE HOTDOGS - My Life.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - Perempatan.mp3
THE HOTDOGS - Stuck In My Neck.mp3

The Idiot - D.I.Y Until Die.MP3
The Idiot - If You Wanna Peace Prepare For War.mp3
The Idiot - Kita Mulai Lagi.MP3
The Idiot - Knowledge High Price.mp3
The Idiot - Media In Hand Autorithy.mp3
The Idiot - No Reson To Hate Us.MP3
The Idiot - Ode Dari Dunia Ketiga.mp3
The Idiot - Punk Death I'm Death.mp3
The Idiot - Symphony Hidup Mati.mp3
The Idiot - Tak Akan Pernah Mampus.mp3
The Idiot - What Is Left We're Still Here.MP3
The Idiot - Who's Gonna Set The Fire.mp3

The Innocents

The Innocents - 13rd November (Punk Rock Jakarta).mp3
The Innocents - Bears Drunker.mp3
The Innocents - Bodo Amat.mp3
The Innocents - Crying.mp3
The Innocents - Djakarta.mp3
The Innocents - Fight.mp3
The Innocents - Go Young Some Pay The Kill.mp3
The Innocents - Jakarta Ceria.mp3
The Innocents - Lifes A Dog.mp3
The Innocents - Lost Love.mp3
The Innocents - Noisy Trouble.mp3
The Innocents - Shelley.mp3
The Innocents - Song For Us.mp3
The Innocents - Tooth Ache.mp3

The Jinxz - Bla..Bla..Bla (OldSchool H.C Jakarta).mp3
The Jinxz - FFF.mp3
The Jinxz - Hate.mp3
The Jinxz - Maybe.mp3

The Little Rock - Crazy For Once More (PunkRock Bali).mp3
The Little Rock - Dog Smile.mp3
The Little Rock - Happy Night party.mp3
The Little Rock - Ketika.mp3
The Little Rock - Last Change.mp3
The Little Rock - Lonely Guys (go to the paradise).mp3
The Little Rock - Newspaper.mp3
The Little Rock - Rainy Day.mp3
The Little Rock - Somebody Help Me.mp3
The Little Rock - You Sucks.mp3

the marmars

The Marmars - Drink (Punk Rock Bandung).mp3
The Marmars - Drums.mp3
The Marmars - Give Me A Beer (Bandung).mp3
The Marmars - I Don't Care.mp3
The Marmars - It's In My Head.mp3
The Marmars - My Altercation.mp3
The Marmars - My Declaration (Bandung).mp3
The Marmars - My Friend's Stupid Ska.mp3
The Marmars - No Time to Sing.mp3
The Marmars - Silly Dream.mp3
The Marmars - That's Around Us.mp3
The Marmars - The KKK Took My Baby Away (Bandung).mp3
The Marmars - The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.mp3
The Marmars - The Story of The Short Attention.mp3
The Marmars - The Story of The Zoo and The Monkey (Original Version).mp3
The Marmars - The Story of The Zoo and The Monkey (Second Version).mp3

The Miskins - Arlene (Punk Rock Jakarta).mp3
The Miskins - Discoland.mp3
The Miskins - Fit And Proper.mp3
The Miskins - Hands Up!!.mp3
The Miskins - Last Night.mp3
The Miskins - Let Go Off My Feet.mp3
The Miskins - Loner.mp3
The Miskins - Loving Me Is So Fucking Boring.mp3
The Miskins - Soap In My Eye.mp3
The Miskins - Switzerland.mp3
The Miskins - Teenage Sweat.mp3
The Miskins - Tighten Up My Sandals.mp3
The Miskins - Rise And Shine.mp3

The Manifesto - Merdeka (PunkRock Bandung).mp3

The Piox

The Piox - Bakar (HardCore Punk Makassar).mp3
The Piox - Lie For Life.mp3
The Piox - Parashit.mp3
The Piox - Victim Violence.mp3

the sounddolls

The Sounddolls - Alien (Melodic Punk Makassar).mp3
The Sounddolls - Die Die Darling.mp3
The Sounddolls - Sepi.mp3

The Radio - Fashion Punk Anjing.mp3
The Radio - Mengapa Terjadi.mp3
The Radio - Semua Tahu Ini Tentang Cinta.mp3

The Refugee - Bersulang (Punk Rock Bali).mp3
The Refugee - Bintangku.mp3
The Refugee - Complicated.mp3
The Refugee - In Silent.mp3
The Refugee - Pergi.mp3
The Refugee - Solitude.mp3
The Refugee - Suddenly.mp3

Think Again - Little friend (Oldskull H.C Jogja).MP3
Think Again - Never surrender.MP3
Think Again - What's right.MP3

Thinking Straight - Devided (H.C Straight Edge Jakarta).mp3
Thinking Straight - Fear Spreader.mp3
Thinking Straight - Go Home Wash your Feet and sleep.mp3
Thinking Straight - Indepedent Individual.mp3
Thinking Straight - Posiitve Crew.mp3
Thinking Straight - Step Forward.mp3
Thinking Straight - We Won't Stop.mp3

Thousand Needles - falls apart (Melodic Punk Jakarta).mp3
Thousand Needles - ikuti aku.mp3
Thousand Needles - inspirasiku.mp3
Thousand Needles - intro.mp3
Thousand Needles - lari teruss.mp3
Thousand Needles - lupakan kendali.mp3
Thousand Needles - my first song.mp3

Throughout - Demise desire (OldSkull H.C Jogja).mp3
Throughout - Unite.mp3

Today Is Struggle - Lost friend (Hardcore Punk Malang).mp3
Today Is Struggle - Never late to learn.mp3
Today Is Struggle - Stand again.mp3
Today Is Struggle - Tak kenal menyerah.mp3

Total Vandal - Brother (StreetPunk Bali).mp3
Total Vandal - We Are The Punk.mp3

turtles jr

Turtles Jr. - Anarchys Pray.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Anjing Goblog Tai Babi.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Bakar.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Crash Out (Bandung Street Punk).mp3
Turtles Jr. - Die My Girl.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Fuck Off.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Justice.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Keparat.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Kill!.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Kuya Ngora.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Love Dead.mp3
Turtles Jr. - My Country Is Over.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Police FO.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Porno Star.mp3
Turtles Jr. - This is Fuck System.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Turtles Jr..mp3
Turtles Jr. - Violence.mp3
Turtles Jr. - War And Shit.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Wartime.MP3
Turtles Jr. - Bunuh Dirimu.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Diet To Fuck.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Fuck Your Friends.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Get A life (window).mp3
Turtles Jr. - Intro.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Married.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Norma Tua.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Terbelakang.mp3
Turtles Jr. - Gila.mp3

TUTAB The Un RockStars - Anarchy The Destroyer (H.C Punk Garut).mp3
TUTAB The Un RockStars - Hutan.mp3
TUTAB The Un RockStars - Riot Squad.mp3
TUTAB The Un RockStars - Sarakah.mp3


UFO - Momentum (Tribute Rotor).mp3
UFO - Oh Ibuku (Bandung Ska Punk).mp3
UFO - Pak Polisi (Bandung Ska Punk).mp3

Under 18 - Bandung Brotherhood (H.C Punk Bandung).mp3
Under 18 - Ingatkan Aku.mp3
Under 18 - Janjiku.mp3
Under 18 - K.A.K.B.KB.mp3
Under 18 - Keep It True.mp3
Under 18 - Never Give In.mp3
Under 18 - O.S.H.C...Till Die!.mp3
Under 18 - Out Of Sight.mp3
Under 18 - Skinheads (We Are...).mp3
Under 18 - Wake Up And See.mp3
Under 18 - You've Got.mp3

United Blood - Children Victim War (Oi! Bandung).mp3
United Blood - United Blood.mp3

Unrest - Anti Diskriminasi (Crustcore Punk Jakarta).mp3
Unrest - Lower Class.mp3
Unrest - Mass Genocide.mp3
Unrest - May 13-14 1998.mp3
Unrest - No Cooperated.mp3
Unrest - Noise Bastard.mp3
Unrest - Tradisionil.mp3
Unrest - Unrest.mp3

Uno Paso Delante - Bebas Berargumen Tanpa Batas (Oldskul H.C Bandung).mp3
Uno Paso Delante - From Tragedy We Rise From Situation We're All Blessed ft Haecrust(Krisisidentitas).mp3
Uno Paso Delante - Hardcore Hari Ini.mp3
Uno Paso Delante - Take To The Pit Mr 18 billions.mp3
Uno Paso Delante - True Friends.mp3

Up The Bastard - Stop Kekacauan.mp3
Up The Bastard - Terpasung Dan Mati .mp3


Virgin Oi! - Oi! For Unite (Oi! Bandung).mp3

Voting Crew - Bersatu (OldSchool H.C Sukabumi).mp3
Voting Crew - Discrimination Suck.mp3
Voting Crew - Intro.mp3
Voting Crew - Kita Berjuang Bersama Tuk Selamanyah.mp3
Voting Crew - Sia - Sia.mp3
Voting Crew - To Together.mp3


White Cream - Broken Heart (Melodic Tanggerang).mp3
White Cream - Emosi.mp3
White Cream - Go Along With Me.mp3
White Cream - Intro.mp3
White Cream - Kelam.mp3
White Cream - Progress.mp3
White Cream - Yang Terakhir.mp3


xBETTERMINDx - Drug free youth (Oldskull H.C Surabaya).mp3
xBETTERMINDx - Live catastrophe.mp3
xBETTERMINDx - Over the limit.mp3


xBRAVEHEARTx - Diam itu emas & Try harder in your life.mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - Feel At Home (H.C Straight Edge Jakarta).mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - It’s time to change.mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - KUHP (Komitmen Untuk Hidup Positif).mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - No gain without pain.mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - Pale Faith.mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - Proud to be straight edge.mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - Straight edge.mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - Try Harder in Your Life.mp3
xBRAVEHEARTx - Wake Up Call.mp3

xRAINCOATx - Anchor Song (Oldskull H.C Jakarta).mp3
xRAINCOATx - In Our Hands.mp3
xRAINCOATx - Poison Control.mp3


Zudas Krust - Deforestation (CrustCore Punk Jakarta).mp3
Zudas Krust - Don't Kill Them.mp3
Zudas Krust - Everyday Is Hell.mp3
Zudas Krust - God System Slavery (Apparatus).mp3
Zudas Krust - Innocent Lost.mp3
Zudas Krust - Mass Destruction.mp3
Zudas Krust - Millions People Are Suffering.mp3
Zudas Krust - No More Victims.mp3
Zudas Krust - Perang Agama.mp3
Zudas Krust - Rajoitus.mp3
Zudas Krust - Stop Torturing.mp3
Zudas Krust - Tergusur.mp3
Zudas Krust - Terprogram.mp3
Zudas Krust - Tuomittu Epäuskon Sortoon (Rajoitus).mp3
Zudas Krust - Who Need.mp3

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